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I was horrified when Jan, a 45-year-old math teacher in Los Angeles, told me about the diet she was following. "I'm 5' 3", 198 pounds and still gaining. Right now I'm eating nothing but pineapple, rice, and carrots," she admitted sheepishly. "I've been on every diet, but not for long. I just can't stick with it. But I have to try or soon I'm going to be wider than I am tall. Look at this picture of me drawn by one of my fourth graders." She showed me a crayon drawing of a bowling ball with a little head, arms and legs. It was labeled "Mrs. Bowling Ball."
     "Why do you think you can't stick with a diet?" I asked.
     "I love chocolate too much," she replied. "And I love the taste of ice cream, cake, pie."
     Jan's problem was common. How do you stick to a sensible but strict diet? It has to be sensible; otherwise you'll jeopardize your health. But if it's too strict, there's too much temptation to break the rules. That's where Chitosan comes in handy. It allows you the occasional splurge that helps you stay on the Fat Blocker Program, but minimizes the consequences by preventing your body from absorbing much of the excess fat. The psychological desire for a treat is reconciled with the physiologic need to keep your fat intake low. You can't quite have your cake and eat it too, but you can quench the desire for "forbidden foods" that pushes so many of us off our diets and undoes all of our hard work.
     I told Jan about the Fat Blocker Program. When she tried it, she began losing weight almost immediately and for the first time ever she was able to stick with a diet. "My successes were like a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger. Only I was getting smaller, not bigger. Each month I lost more than the month before. And I could stick to the diet because once a week I could have something like a hot fudge sundae. The Chitosan made it possible for me to eat the foods I love without ballooning up again. Since I wasn't breaking my diet, I didn't feel guilty and I didn't start stuffing myself like I used to. It's been great."
     Then she showed me another picture that she had confis­cated from the "artist" in her fourth grade class. "This time he drew me as a bowling pin, not a bowling ball. That's a lot bet­ter." She laughed. "When I lose 30 more pounds, he probably won't want to draw any more pictures of me. I'll be too normal looking."
     One of the earliest Fat Blocker success stories was Bob, a 45-year-old, 320-pound computer programmer who had been grossly obese for many years. "I had a little belly when I left college," Bob explained, "then love handles, then what I call my belly bib. I call it that because the fat hanging from my belly completely covers my belt and protects it from, well, the ele­ments, I guess."

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